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طرح عطاءات- المؤسسة الاستهلاكية العسكرية
نظام معدل لنظام بدل الخدمات الجمركية على البضائع المستوردة
قانون رقم(33) لسنة 2018 قانون معدل لقانون الجمارك
قانون رقم(29) لسنة 2018 قانون النقل الدولي متعدد الوسائط
المزيد من الأخبار
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The lists of exhibitions which are going to be held in Spain
National Program for Industrial Linkage to the Academy
ACC to raise capacities in the commercial sector
The launching “ASE NEWS” Application on Mobile Devices.
A tender from CSIR : bidding to CNC WIRE EDM MACHINE and acc
Monthly Bulletin (Business Opportunities from Turkey)
Local News Archive
Announcement of exhibitions which will be held in Erbil - Ir
monthly bulletin Business opportunities from Turkey.
Middle East Food (MEF) Magazine
Financial Inclusion Forum
International Exhibition of Marmara 2016
Arab News Archive
Monthly bulletin Business opportunities from Turkey.
List of Exhibitions & Trade Missions 2018
The magazine “Discover Slovenia – Feel the Brand”
Announcement of a tender for a project in Mauritius.
Monthly bulletin Business opportunities from Turkey.
List of exhibitions inin Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana 2018
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