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  ACC launch “Blood Donation Campaign” for Gaza

In collaboration with the Blood Bank of Jordan, Amman Chamber of commerce launched a blood donation campaign for our brothers the Gaza Strip.

The campaign, carried out at the ACC headquarter, witnessed a large participation from members of the General Assembly and the different segments of society in the capital Amman.

Ghassan Khirfan, First Vice Chairman, said the blood donation campaign comes out of the ACC’s national and humanitarian duty as a support for our brave brothers in Gaza Strip who are facing a brutal Zionist attacks, massacres, killing of innocent children and women and destroying of civilians’ houses.

He pointed out that the Chamber, since the beginning of the attacks on Gaza, has initiated several campaigns to support Gazans, as it donated JD 50 000, in addition to opening a center for raising donations from the commercial sector.

Khirfan expressed appreciation for all traders and civilians who participated in the blood donation campaign and contributed to its success.


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