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تعليمات ترخيص ممارسة المهن من المنزل لعام 2017
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نظام ترخيص واعتماد الخدمات المالية في هيئة الأوراق المالية
قرار رقم (4) لسنة2018/صادر عن الديوان الخاص بتفسير القوانين
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ACC to raise capacities in the commercial sector



The Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy implemented many specialized training programs and workshops for the members of the general assembly of the commercial and services sector.

Established in 2016, the academy has become a source of interest for national entities of both, the public and private sectors, as it gives training programs to boost capacities and support the national economy, it also helps meet the needs of the national market and fill gaps related to the efficiency and competence of the labour force.

The Academy ranked first as the best training academy in the Arab world during its participation in the fifth conference of the Arab Trainers Union held in Tunis last year, the academy also received the banner on Amman as the professional training capital for the year 2018.

The Director General of ACC, Mr. Muhannad Attar stated that the Academy has obtained accreditations from the Jordanian Trainers Association and the Arab Trainers Union, and the training and vocational training license from the Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Labour, and from Maharat Computer Driving Company, the National Fund For Enterprise Support (NAFES) and the Enhanced Productivity Centers Irada.

Attar added that the Academy held (94) training courses during the past year, covering several topics concerning the commercial sector in the capital of Amman in order to support its activities and enhance the efficiency of its labour.

Attar indicated that the Academy has made a survey on the impact of training on improving corporate performance of the commercial companies registered to the ACC, as the survey highlighted the importance of supporting training as it has a significant role in enhancing the performance of workers.

Attar also confirmed the Chamber’s keenness on providing all forms of training related to the commercial sector and the national economy by presenting training courses accommodating with the requirements of the labour market to upgrade the performance and develop expertise of both, the public and private sectors.

Attar also pointed at some of achievements by “Darret Al Riyada” in supporting (5) entrepreneurial projects in the field of Information Technology, and adopting the “number of employees” standard in the classification of SMEs, in addition to determining standards of selecting entrepreneurs and issuing two profession licenses by the office of GAM at the Chamber for two entrepreneurial companies.

Attar added that “Darret Al Riyada” was established by virtue of an agreement signed among the Chamber, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and The Information and Communication Association of Jordan (INT@J) by which (6) training programs were presented in addition to orientation sessions and signing (4) MOUs.

Director also added that “Darret Al Riyada” is responsible for supporting and motivating entrepreneurs in Jordan to make Jordan an entrepreneurial area on the region level and the nucleus of entrepreneurial projects.

According to Dr. Waseem Haddad, Director of Amman Chamber of Commerce Training, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Academy, training courses covered many specialized topics in Accounting, Administration, H.R. and Finance.

In addition to these courses, Haddad also noted that the Academy held (14) training courses in cooperation with commercial associations in the field of Anti-money laundering, Communication skills, Excellence in dealing with clients, Cost Accounting, Etiquette in Food and Drink Service, E-marketing, Risk Analysis and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

Haddad added that the Academy signed different agreements of cooperation and MOUs with many association and financial institutions aiming at holding training courses and developing training process related to business, industry and education sectors.

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