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تعديلات على ضريبة المبيعات للكتب المدرسية
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“Commercial sector remained solid despite instable conditions” says Murad.



Chairman of Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC), Senator Issa H.Murad indicated that the commercial sector was able to keep consolidated in spite of the condition of instability lived by countries of the region.

“Despite the continuous political, economic and social fluctuations still lived by countries in the region, and the great impact caused by which on the national economy in general and the foreign trade in particular, yet, the Jordanian commercial sector has been able to maintain a solid and growing economy” said Murad.

The Senator stated that the next stage we are about to face will bear a lot of economic challenges. The thing which will have a negative impact on the national economy. One reason, is that the ongoing condition of conflict lived by some Arab countries that increased the pressure on our economy’s performance, as the rates of Jordan’s economic growth remained humble and the GDP made a meagre growth in the first half of (2017) making only (2, 1%), the same ratio at the same period in (2016).
This GDP growth is considered modest and insufficient to create job opportunities nor to improve living standards.
The second reason is that Jordan recently witnessed a great decline of foreign grants.

“We have to consolidate the “Self-reliance” principle now more than ever by not depending on foreign grants. This demands a series of comprehensive reform policies in different political and economic domains, also, drawing up a time-bound schedule and clear indicators to ensure the success of these policies as His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed the importance to draw up an obvious road plan for the next stage entitled “Self-reliance and not to expect assistance from anyone” especially that the region is living a period of drastic changes which recommends bringing about a broad, inclusive national dialogue participated by both, the private and public sectors to discuss challenges which our national economy is being through”, noted Murad.

Murad added that economy is our major priority in the light of increased challenges and pressures faced by our country in different domains. This issue is also a first priority for His Majesty King Abdullah II as his majesty has been permanently urging both, the public and private sectors to improve the living standards of Jordanians and to ease the economic burden on their shoulders.

Therefore, we have to reconsider economic growth motivation plans in the kingdom. We, in the private sector trust the government procedures and its development plans to motivate the economy, nevertheless, governmental resolutions have to be re-evaluated as their ability to motivate the national economy.

Murad stressed that the success of economic motivation plans is built on instant activation and a progress follow up plan to address any defect on implementing these plans within standardized modern indicators conforming to the requirements of this critical plan.

“The private sector is in need to comfortable resolutions, encouraging investments, as many sectors complain that they are unable to achieve their marketing plans, thus, they cannot make their intended revenues. This will negatively reflect on the cabinet’s perspective to achieve the required budget, so it will resort to raise taxation and other fees” said the Senator.

“Here, it is substantial to highlight the importance of staying away from direct “collection” of money and to tend towards moving the wheel of economy and increasing the local production by finding practical methodologies and policies facilitating business environment and demolishing inflexibility on implementing laws and regulations” Added the Senator.

Murad said that ACC issued a total of (43) thousands Certificates of Origin to most countries of the world, with a total capital of (998, 9) Millions JDs including the following products: (Animal, Agricultural, Industrial, Natural, Foreign Re-exported goods).

Arab countries were among the major five importing countries according to certificates of origin.
UAE ranked first, with a total value of (249, 1) Million JDs and with (8491) certificates. In the second place came Iraq with a total value of (196, 2) Million JDs and (1563) certificates.
Then, comes KSA with a total values summed to (74, 5) Millions JDs with (7788) Certificates. And finally came Lebanon and Qatar respectively.

Foreign Products scored 1st place among exported goods, with a value amounted (582, 3) Million JDs and a number of certificates reached to (6709).
Agricultural products ranked 2nd, making a total value of (180, 7) Millions JDs and (33144) certificates of origin.
At the third place comes the Industrial products, summing up to (138, 2) Millions JDs and (795) certificates of origin.

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