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تعليمات ترخيص ممارسة المهن من المنزل لعام 2017
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نظام ترخيص واعتماد الخدمات المالية في هيئة الأوراق المالية
قرار رقم (4) لسنة2018/صادر عن الديوان الخاص بتفسير القوانين
المزيد من الأخبار

The Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy holds a training course of:
“Executive Secretarial and Office Management”


The Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy held a training program under the title: “Executive Secretarial and Office Management” presented by the Expert, Ms. Rana Sbei’e.

The program aimed at introducing skills in Executive Secretarial and Office Management.

Sbei’e presented the personal, technical and managerial skills needed for the successful executice secretary, and how to manage daily works effeciently, good preparation and management of meetings and conferences, following –up with performance and reports in an effective way by individuals and departments in and out of the organization.

Sbei’e presented practical cases to ensure the delivery of the valuable information presented all the course long.

Participants expressed their appreciation to the Academy for holding training courses which help upgrade both, the private and public sectors, and the local community as a whole.

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