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The value of commodities imported to Jordan from around the world this year up to the end of May, amounted to more than JD4.5 billion, according to Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) President Issa Murad. Quoted by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, on Tuesday, Murad said the commerce sector comes second in terms of share in the credit granted by banks, noting that the value of credit extended during the first quarter of this year amounted to JD4.036 billion. The number of companies registered in the commerce and services sector during the first four months of 2017 amounted to 1,432 companies, with a combined capital estimated at JD38 million, while companies that are members of the ACC reached 50,000 companies with a combined capital of up to JD129 billion, Murad told Petra. The number of workers in the comerce and services sector reached 449,000 in 2016, or 37.1 per cent of the workforce, the ACC president said, citing Social Security Corporation figures. On a different note, Murad highlighted the issue of traffic fines and road closures in Amman and their adverse effects on businesses, due to a lack of parking spaces for shoppers, especially in markets and shopping areas like downtown Amman, Jabal Al Hussein and other bustling quarters of the town. He said this is an "important issue" for the ACC's board of directors due to their consequences on commercial activity, especially during official holidays, adding that the board will "follow up closely" on the issue with the concerned authorities. The ACC, in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality and the Central Traffic Department, has suggested "alternative solutions" to minimise traffic jams in shopping quarters, through providing set times for dropping off and loading and the use of parking metres, the ACC president explained. Continued on page 13 Continued from page 1 During the interview, Murad also discussed the economic stimulation plan, which aims to put the Kingdom on sustainable development track and provide an environment attractive to investments, with the aim of gradually decreasing dependency on foreign aid and reducing debt, in addition to providing jobs and improving income levels. The chamber issued 13,641 certificates of origin since the start of this year until May 24, at a value of JD321 million, Murad said, adding that the United Arab Emirates was the top export destination, with 2,916 certificates of origin valued at around JD109 million, followed by Iraq, with 544 certificates valued at JD59 million

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