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In Cooperation with Jordan Restaurant Association (JRA), The Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy (ACCTA) holds a training course under the title:
Etiquette of Food and Drink Service




The Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy (ACCTA) held a training program of Etiquette of Food and Drink Service, presented by the Expert, Mr. Amer Smadi.

The training course aimed at introducing the main good behavior rules and the prestigious style needed in dealing with the public, as the training program includes the main skills and knowledge required for social behavior at work environment, in particular, food table etiquette.

Mr. Smadi introduced speech etiquette with clients or customers, in addition, he introduced etiquette of speaking or the way of sitting on the food table, the Expert also introduced the way how to eat some kinds of food by a practical case.

Participants at the end of the course expressed their appreciation to the (ACCTA) for holding such programs which develop their skills and enhance their expertise.




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