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(ACC) Seeks commercial cooperation with the U.S

The First Vice Chairman of (ACC), Mr. Ghassan Khirfan and a number of the board members met with the U.S Embassy Commercial attaché as both sides discussed means of developing and enhancing commercial and investment relations between the two friendly countries.

Both sides highlighted the depth of economic ties joining the two countries, especially after signing the Free Trade Agreement FTA.

During the meeting, (ACC) presented some obstacles facing the vehicles and machinery sector, such as the increasing customs fees on imported vehicles from the U.S, featured by its high quality engines.

Mr. Ghassan Khirfan noted that this event was organized on the appropriate time on which Jordan is in an urgent need to enhance its economic relations to counter all the obstacles caused by the political spillovers in the region.
The Vice Chairman also stated that Jordan and the US established diplomatic relationships on January 31, 1949 and since then have enjoyed a dynamic economic relationship characterized by continuous cooperation and groundbreaking achievements. After more than six decades of growing partnership, Jordan became the first Arab country to sign a Free Trade Agreement with the US, the US currently ranks in Jordan's top three trading partners, and joint-programs for economic development between both countries are now among the largest in the world.

Khirfan demonstrated that the establishment of the Jordan–U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2000 represents yet another milestone in this unique partnership. The Jordan–U.S. FTA is the third free trade agreement for the U.S. and its first with an Arab country. Trade rapidly increased between both countries as demonstrated by the fact that bilateral trade grew five-fold in ten years (currently exceeding $2 billion).
He also highlighted that throughout the Embassy’s expertise and specialized knowledge, regarding the Jordanian and US economies, the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) convened this meeting for a variety of different purposes, most importantly: Addressing trade barriers between our countries, Providing relevant services for specific inquiries and support by the Commercial Section at the US Embassy, Export-import logistics and Business matchmaking.
On his side, Mr. Fred Aziz gave a brief about the commercial consulate at the U.S embassy, presenting the commercial services provided by the embassy as business matchmaking, commercial financing, consultations and introducing business services providers.
Aziz assured that the consulate is ready to give support for traders and business owners who are importing and exporting from and to the U.S, he also expressed readiness to provide (ACC) with all information which support the commercial activity between both countries.

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