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The Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy (ACCTA) holds an educational workshop under the title:

Eco. & Social impacts on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Jordan

The German – Jordanian University (GJU), in collaboration with the Amman Chamber of Commerce Training Academy (ACCTA) organized a workshop of: Eco. & Social impacts on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Jordan within the (DESIRE) project Development of
higher Education teaching modules on the Socio-economic Impacts, funded by the EU in cooperation with some representatives of Jordanian public and private universities and a number of specialists of ministries and organizations of interest.

The workshop aimed at enhancing educational modules of higher education for raising awareness on economic and social impacts for conducting renewable energy projects in Jordan.

The session was inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Ghassan Khirfan, the First Vice Chairman of (ACC), welcoming esteemed attendees and highlighting the importance of finding alternative resources of energy.

The dean of the applied & technical sciences faculty at (GJU), Dr. Ala’a Halholi stressed the importance of renewable energy issue, which the session finds a priority of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the current time in line with the (GJU)’s vision of conducting applied sciences.

Dr. Halholi highlighted the importance of direct connection with different sectors as the commercial and industry sector to build a mutual cooperation and qualifying competitive human resources, able to serve the country.

Halholi noted that Jordan imports around 97% of its energy, forming (20%) of the gross domestic product, in an increased demand of around (5.5%) annually which is forming a high cost, indicating that the government is very keen on raising the production of renewable energy (solar and wind energy) to (10%) of Jordan’s needs by 2020, the government also issued laws and instruction aiming at gradual transformation towards ideal usage of renewable energy.

He added that the government motivated renewable energy projects in different areas of the kingdom, showing that efforts were exerted in order to developing solar panels and controlling systems.

Halholi also mentioned the economic and social impacts of using renewable energy in Jordan, as the expansion of conducting such projects will positively affect the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere, assisting on keeping food security and continuous economic growth, also, saving production costs and providing job opportunities and competitiveness.

Halholi noted that this session is one activity of the European project (DESIRE), moderated by the (GJU), aiming at developing educational curricula for B.A and M.A degrees concerning renewable energy and its economic & social impacts in Jordan, in addition to raising awareness and organizing programs, meetings and training courses for the faculty members, researchers and students on renewable energy related domains in cooperation with partners in Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt and Syria.

Khirfan stressed the (ACCTA)’s role on qualitative and pioneering training, also its permanent keenness on dwelling as an effective partner of developing the local economy.

The director of (DESIRE) project, Mr. Loay Quaider gave a detailed presentation, shedding light on the projects, its objectives and its economic and social impacts which will benefit the community by providing job opportunities, increasing global exports and reducing fuel imports, indicating renewable energy projects importance on achieving development and sustainability.

The workshop seeks to enhance comprehending and solidarity among economic, social and technical aspects for conducting renewable energy projects and energy efficiency.

At the end of the workshop, a research paper of (GJU) was shown under the title: cooperation between universities and industry: a case study of the (GJU), they also presented a video of successful projects on renewable energy in the kingdom.


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