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الإجراءات المتبعة في عملية تعديل بطاقة البيان للأغذية المستو
طرح عطاء من CSIR: طرح عطاء ماكينة أسلاك نحاسية إلكترونية رقم
مناقصة بيع قطع أراضي بالمرحلة الثانية لأنشطة الدباغة والصناع
م/اعلان مناقصة تجهيز مادة الرز 5/2017
المزيد من الأخبار

In order to maintain smooth communication and contact between the (ACC) and its members, the (ACC) has created an information updating unit for taking note of the latest information about the (ACC) registered members. For this purpose, a special form is distributed at the (ACC) and on the (ACC) website, and this form should be filled out with information about the member such as post office, ground and mobile phones, and fax numbers, website, e-mail,…etc. We, therefore, kindly request members to fill out and return such forms through the appropriate method which they deem appropriate.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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