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ضريبة الابنية والاراضي العقارات
تعميم من المؤسسة العامة للغذاء والدواء
قراران صادران بالإستناد لقانون الضريبة العامة على المبيعات
قرار فسخ شركة جراسا للتأمين
المزيد من الأخبار


Membership cards valid for one fiscal year from the date of issuance will be issued in Arabic and English for the merchants registered with the (ACC) provided that the annual subscription fee has been paid.

Documents Required:

1. Personal photograph of the applicant for the Membership Card.
2. Membership Card form duly filled out and signed by the administratively authorized signatory, or a letter in writing. In case an unauthorized partner applies for a Membership Card, such partner should appear in person if he/she signed the form, or his/her signature should be endorsed by the bank with whom he/she deals with in Jordan.
3. Personal Identification Card (Civil Status Card, Passport).
4. Valid Residence Permit for the Iraqi brothers.


1. Refer and hand over to the competent employee a personal photograph and Personal Identification Card directly.
2. Card forms should be filled out in Arabic and English by the relevant person or by the person administratively authorized to sign on behalf of the Establishment or the Company.
3. Card shall be issued after paying the fees.

Place Where the Service is Provided:

Membership Unit affiliated with the (ACC) Members Services Department.

Fees Required:

Ten Jordanian Dinars.

Time Needed to Complete the Service:

Ten minutes.

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