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تقديم الإعتراض للجنة الخاصة
اعتماد البيان الجمركي والوثائق المرفقة به الكترونيا
التعليمات الخاصة بتطبيق الكودات الهندسية في كافة مراحل العمل
وقف العمل بقرار تحديد السقوف السعرية لدجاج (الطازج والنتافات
المزيد من الأخبار


Amendments include any field(s) of the Certificate of Origin.

Documents Required:

1. Submit a letter in writing signed by the person administratively authorized to sign on behalf of the Company or Establishment.
2. Present the original copy of the Certificate of Origin which the (ACC) has already issued and of the invoice endorsed by the (ACC).


1. Refer to the Information Desk to ascertain the documents required and to obtain a (turn) number.
2. Wait at the hall designated for visitors to the Members Services Department until your number is called through the automatic calling system.
3. After receiving the application, the employee will verify signature, and after referring to a copy of the Certificate of Origin kept by the (ACC), the incumbent will make the amendment(s) required to the invoice, and the employee will make amendment to the Certificate. After concluding this process the application will be ready for paying the fees.
4. The incumbent will pay the fees required.
5. Submit the application along with the receipt for verification and signature by the employee authorized to sign on behalf of the (ACC), and who will then stamp the application with the official stamp of the (ACC).
6. The application will be handed over to the incumbent and a copy of which will be kept within the same file of Certificate to which amendment(s) has/have been made.

Place Where the Service is Provided:

Guarantees and Certificates of Origin Unit affiliated with the (ACC) Members Services Department.

Fees Required:

* Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital of five thousand Dinars and more: Fees will be four Dinars.
* Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital less than five thousand Dinars: Fees will be two Dinars.
* Non-registered (factory/manufacturer): Fees will be four Dinars.

Note: For amending (increasing) the invoice total value, the difference in Certificate of Origin fees will be calculated and collected according to either one of the following cases and/or on the following basis of:

1. Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital of five thousand Dinars.
2. Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital less than five thousand Dinars.
3. Non-registered (factory/manufacturer).

Time Needed for Completing the Service:

Ten minutes.

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