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المزيد من الأخبار


The (ACC) will give an additional copy of the Certificate of Origin or of the invoices which the (ACC) has already issued.

Documents Required:

1. It is necessary to submit a letter in writing signed by the person administratively authorized to sign on behalf of the Company or Establishment demanding to be given additional copies. In case of requesting such document on the same day of issuing the Certificate of Origin, then no letter in writing shall be required provided that documents are requested at the time of extending the service.
2. Present the invoice of which additional copies are required.


1. Refer to the Information Desk to ascertain the documents required and to obtain a (turn) number.
2. Wait at the hall designated for the visitors to the Members Services Department until your number is called through the automatic calling system.
3. After receiving the application, the employee will do what is necessary, and after concluding this process, the application will be ready for paying the fees.
4. After paying the fees, the incumbent will be handed the Certificate of Origin or invoice stamped and signed by the employee authorized to sign on behalf of the (ACC).

Place Where the Service is Provided:

Guarantees and Certificates of Origin Unit affiliated with the (ACC) Members Services department.

Fees Required:

* Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital of five thousand Dinars and more: Fees will be four Dinars.
* Merchant (Establishment/Company) with a capital less than five thousand Dinars: Fees will be two Dinars.
* Non-Registered (Factory/manufacturer): Fees will be four Dinars.

Time Needed for Completing the Service:

Five minutes.

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