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دراسة للقطاعات ذات الاهتمام المشترك بين الاردن وقبرص
مادة الهيدروجين بروكسايد
بلاغ رقم (60) لسنة 2018 تفويض الصلاحيات
طائرات الدرونز
المزيد من الأخبار

In view of the Library slogan “Extend the most precise information from the most reliable source in the shortest time”, the Library seeks to meet its visitors’ needs and to provide them with the best services through retaining and conducting the necessary technical proces to all library materials, either in the form of conventional materials or compact discs as follows:

* Research services to benefit from the Library contents ither in the form of hard or soft printed items or compact computer discs (CDs).

* Search service via the internet inside the Library through providing this service free of charge to all the (ACC) General Assembly members.

* Guidance service provided by the Library on how to use the Library and its contents and sources.

* Service related to using all Library materials provided to all Library users including both (ACC) members and others without any constraints apart from taking good care of Library materials while using them.

* Lending service to (ACC) employees only.

* Serice intended to provide the users with copies of commercial periodicals and guides available at the Library in case of stocktaking and if more than one copy is available.

* Serivice related to responding to reference inquiries and questions which the Library receives from users visiting the Library or through telephone contacts via the e-mail.

* Selective transmission service to users (beneficiaries) of specific interests, in particular, and to beneficiaries, in general according to the new concept of Library service.

* Directing and gudance service to information sources outside the Library.

* Bibliographical lists preparation service.

* E-publishing service of the above-mentioned lists prepared at the Library.

* Photocopying service free of charge of a limited number of pages from references which cannot be taken out of the Library.



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