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Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) Library:


The (ACC) Library was established in the year 1972, and the Library uphold the slogan “Most Accurate Information from the Most Reliable Source in the Shortest Time.” The (ACC) Library is one of the specialized libraries in the different fields comprizing trade, industry, services, etc. one of the most important objectives of the (ACC) Library is to assist researchers and other visitors to the Library in obtaining the knowledhe and information they need from the various references available at the Library.

In order to provide the best services to its visitors including (ACC) General Assembly members comprised of trade companies and firms operating in the City of Amman and to all other interested citizens, the (ACC) has allocated a new building for its Library on the first floor of the (ACC) Invetment Building. The Library has been designed in a deliberately scientific manner in terms of space, modern office furniture and computer sets for the purpose of extending quality service to all the users of the Library and making of the Library a comfortable place to use.


The Library contains the following:

1. Books including different types of knowledge in accordence with the latest scientific and knowledge developments.

2. Commercial Guides related to various countries around the worl in both English and Arabic.

3. Compact discs on different countries around the world.

4. Dictionaries and statistical references.

5. Large collection of different periodicals in both English and Arabic.


In light of our keenness on providing all that is new and useful, the internet service has been introduced within the overall Library services extended to visitors free of charge.

The Library opens throughout the days of the week from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm except Saturday on which the Library opens from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm. However, the Library will not open during national festivals and official holidays.


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