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التعليمات التنفيذية رقم (2) لسنة 2017 تعليمات معدلة لتعليمات
تعليمات اختيار مواقع النشاطات التنموية لسنة 2017 صادر بموجب
قرار بإجراء تعديلات على جداول التعرفة الجمركية
التعليمات التنفيذية رقم (2) لسنة 2017 تعليمات معدلة لتعليمات
المزيد من الأخبار

(ACC) Objectives:
- Upgrade the trade sector representation towards reflecting the sector’s size and importance.
- Draw up a positive image for the (ACC).
- Strengthen the means of communication both internally and externally and activate the informative aspect of the (ACC).
- Improve and reinforce the data and information base, activate benefiting therefrom, and provide the latest information about the market and economy.
- Improve the services extended to (ACC) members in therms of both quantity and quality, and serve the (ACC) memebers and meet their needs.
- Improve the business environment through participating in and taking initiatives to improve the legislative environment, and influence the economic and trade laws and policies.
- Encourage international trade.
- Settle and solve trade disputes.
- Provide support for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and encourage innovative projects and works.
- Improve the trade practices in terms of both quality and efficiency.
- Attract local and foreign investments.
- Create and effective communication system.

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