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نظام رقم (28) لسنة 2019 نظام المشتريات الحكومية
وقف العمل بقرار تحديد السقوف السعرية لمادة لحوم الدجاج
نظام معدل لنظام تنظيم الألعاب النارية
رسوم تصدير الورق الهالك
المزيد من الأخبار

Esteemed traders;
Ladies & gentlemen;


Progress Continues…



One year passed on the Amman Chamber of Commerce new Board of Directors, and on this occasion we, the Board of Directors, are honored to renew to our brothers in the trade sector our promise of serving the sector and pushing forward the wheel of development and improvement in the Capital Amman, assuring you, ladies & gentlemen, of our keenness on exerting each and every possible effort in order to provide better services and promote the process of construction in the Kingdom, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God protect him.


And because we, the Chamber’s Board of Directors, believe that the public work requires a lot of effort and time, we dedicated ourselves to serve the trade sector, as the ACC has signed many MOUs with several government entities in order to develop services offices for them within the Chamber’s headquarter, (including the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of industry and commerce, land and Surveys Department, the Greater Amman Municipality) in order to facilitate the businesses and transactions of traders.

Also, we believe in the need to achieve in order to serve the trade sector and the general assembly of the Chamber in the Capital Amman, thus the Board of Directors, during the last year; the first year of the Board, implemented many related policies and strategies, most notably:

• Supporting and strengthening the role of trade sectors, unions and associations, and establishing a specialized unit to follow up with their cases.

• Exerting efforts to activate the agreements and MOUs signed between the ACC and its counterparts from Arab and foreign countries.

• Supporting the civil society and strengthening the concept of social responsibility through establishing a special committee to follow up with matters related to social responsibility, in addition to planning to establish a special counter in the Chamber to provide related services.

• Boosting the role of the Chamber and its relations with diplomatic missions in order to facilitate the completion of transactions of traders through intensifying the visits of ambassadors and commercial attaches.

• Developing SMEs and activating the role of youth via establishing a specialized unit for the SMEs affairs.

• Institutionalizing the Chamber’s role when coordinating with official authorities, activating its role in partnership councils, and reviewing the economic and investment legislations through intensifying the cooperation and coordination ways with the public sector, plus, exploring the appropriate mechanisms to do so.

• Expanding and developing the one-stop-shop service to facilitate the transactions of the Chamber’s members.

• Enhancing our role in preparing and issuing economic and trade studies and made them available to the public and private sectors alike.

• Implementing modern training programs, courses and workshops, as well as raising their level of quality.

• Activating the role of “Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Committee”.

• Studying the possibility of developing a health insurance system for traders and properties through discussing this issue with legal advisers specialized in this regard.

• Conducting comprehensive studies and plans to establish an integrated exhibitions and conferences center on the land owned by the Chamber in the Airport Road area.

• Following-up with providing payment services and completing transactions electronically under the Electronic Transactions Act, currently under discussion by the Lower House, in addition to strengthening the ways and mechanisms of electronic communication between the Chamber and its members.

• Implementing training and operational programs to reduce unemployment rates through cooperation and coordination with the Technical, Vocational & Training Fund.

• Establishing a special fund dedicated to support university students.

• Issuing “53.485” certificates of origin during the last year compared to “50. 704” certificates during 2013.

Ladies & Gentlemen;

That was a short brief of the accomplishments we have achieved so far. Seizing this opportunity to renew to you, my friends, our promise to keep up the hard work and serve the trade sector.

Was Salamu Alaikum,

Issa H. Murad
Amman chamber of commerce

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