Amman Chamber

Esteemed traders;
Ladies & gentlemen;

Progress Continues…

One year passed on the Amman Chamber of Commerce new Board of Directors, and on this occasion we, the Board of Directors, are honored to renew to our brothers in the trade sector our promise of serving the sector and pushing forward the wheel of development and improvement in the Capital Amman, assuring you, ladies & gentlemen, of our keenness on exerting each and every possible effort in order to provide better services and promote the process of construction in the Kingdom, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God protect him.

And because we, the Chamber’s Board of Directors, believe that the public work requires a lot of effort and time, we dedicated to serve the trade sector, as the ACC has signed many MOUs with several government entities in order to develop services offices for them within the Chamber’s headquarter, (including the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of industry and commerce, land and Surveys Department, the Greater Amman Municipality) in order to facilitate the businesses and transactions of traders.

Also, we believe in the need to achieve in order to serve the trade sector and the general assembly of the Chamber in the Capital Amman, thus the Board of Directors, during the last year; the first year of the Board, implemented many related policies and strategies, most notably:


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